About Us

Welcome To Martlines.ng

Martlines.ng is an online Marketplace that Showcases, Supports and Promotes Physical Local Market Settings in Nigeria, By providing a platform where marketers can easily post their products to be viewed, communicate with millions of buyers. Its an opportunity for those that are not technologically savvy to still be able to follow the trend of digitization.

Customers value: not just to have all Nigerian markets at the finger tips but also give them the "No Hustle No Noise, Offline Shopping At Ease..." and a Highly Competitive market Nigerians pray and hope for. They can directly communicate with marketers at martlines.ng. And customers can also write review of a particular product sold by a marketer after an order have been placed and received.

Directory: Customers can easily find products from the nearest shops, lines and markets with contact of the marketer.

Online Security. Marketers knowing that the Martlines.ng shop page is the online representation of their physical shop and that customers will rate and write review on their page. They will give the best they can for growth of their online and physical shops.

At Martlines.ng, We direct customers to verified stores in their nearest market for easy and dependable offline shopping. Giving our Markets the Opportunity to be online, we restore the value of the local market.
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