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Welcome To Martlines.ng

Martlines.ng is an online Marketplace that Showcases, Supports and Promotes Physical Local Market Settings in Nigeria, By providing a platform where marketers can easily post their products to be viewed, communicate with millions of buyers. It's also an opportunity for sellers that are not technologically savvy to enjoy the benefits of technology and avoid the local markets from going into extinction at the hands of Online Shopping Stores.
Martlines.ng is much more than online classified platform: it’s a digitalized Nigerian local market where customers can search real time products in every market lines in Nigeria and directly communicate with already verified shop owners before visiting the market or for possible waybill options.
Martlines.ng is daily bridging the gap between customers (offline shoppers) and major shops in the markets bringing immense benefits to the customers and the vendors.
Therefore, no more struggles in shopping, time wastage and roaming from one shop to another in order to buy goods, products and or services.
Martlines.ng makes your search for products and shopping easier by bringing all Nigerian markets at your fingertips; just a click away.
Our offer to sellers:
- Only sellers who have physical stores that can be verified in the different market lines are eligible to register and become a seller on Martlines.ng
- The platform offers a digital representation of your offline store (your shop). This will showcase your products to the general public and help you sell more.
- Sellers can manage their products, update real time inventory, queries, orders, offers and prices right from their mobile devices.
- We as well give every registered store a personal webpage as a business tool to modernize the use of complimentary card.
Some Market lines you can access on Martlines.ng are:
Onitsha Main Market, Alaba International Market Lagos, Ariaria international Market Aba, Ogbete Main Market Enugu, Building Material Ogidi, Sabon Gari Market,
Wusa Market Abuja, Ochanja market, Emeka Offor Plaza, Electronics Market Bridge Head Onitsha, Ogboefere Market, Plywood Market Ogbunike,
Garrison by Ogbunabali, Iloabuchi market, Okija Electricals market, First Artillery, MTN by Oil-Mill E.t.c
We are very optimistic in promoting offline shopping in Nigeria and helping the growth of internally generated revenue by keeping money circulating in our locality.

At Martlines.ng, We direct customers to verified stores in their nearest market for easy and dependable offline shopping. Giving our Markets the Opportunity to be online, we restore the value of the local market.
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