1. IGBO APPRENTICESHIP SCHEME gives you more details of the Igbo apprentice system; an extension of the entrepreneurial spirit of Ndigbo.
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    Before we started feeling the stings of the current corona virus pandemic, so many persons argued for and against the "New World Order". This means exactly different things for different people depending on what they subscribe to. In the heat of the moment, A notable Pastor made connections between 5G, coronavirus, vaccine and the new world order. While this may or may not be true, I do not want to engage in the debate. Rather, the reality of the moment is that the world is actually moving towards a new order. If the projections that are being made about the end of the virus is true, then we are in for a very long battle and cohabitation with the virus and this certainly begs for innovative approach to life.

    There are indications that we may have to live with the virus for 5 years more or less! 5 years of social distancing, handwashing and wearing of facemasks? Personally, I'm tired after just too months. However, our personal wishes will not save the situation at hand, b

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    Anambra as a state has lots of Markets and this goes to strengthen the belief that an average Anambra man has business running in his blood! With Anambra having her fair share of good governance over the years, infrastructures are scattered all over the place and some of the markets are located very close to these. This is especially true of New Auto Spare Parts Market Nkpor.

    As one makes his/her way from Onitsha towards Awka or from Awka towards Onitsha through the Enugu-Onitsha Expressway the New Auto Spare Parts Market is announced by the gigantic Nkpor flyover bridge. Hence, the location of the Market is not confusing nor hard to find. Again, the market can be accessed from the old Enugu-Onitsha Express road through Nkpor Junction. The ease of accessibility and the wonderful situation of the market means that movement of people and products to and from the market is guaranteed.

    An important detail about this market is that it differs from the Mgbuka Obosi Mark

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    The first Niger Bridge even in its old age is still a beauty to behold as it serves as the gateway to the eastern Nigeria. As one enters Anambra from Asaba right on the bridge, one can see different sceneries, Onitsha industrial harbor to the left, the industrial park to the right the beautiful Niger River on both sides and heavily built up areas. Just before the SABMiller company (producers of Hero brand) is an edifice which some years ago was not there, over 3000 shops meticulously built and fenced. This is the ABADA INTERNATIONAL MARKET ONITSHA.

    To be sure, Abada (Ankara etc.) are sold in virtually all parts of Anambra state, and in almost all markets in Awka, Onitsha and Nnewi, but the main market where it is sold is the Abada International Market Onitsha. In this market, the only commodity for sale is Abada. Most retailers in Anambra, Delta and beyond buy from vendors from tis market.

    The beauty of the market lies in its accessibility since it is very close t

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    Electronics and Electrical appliances are do with-outs in our daily loves. Such tools as: Home Theatres and Audio Systems, Television sets, Refrigerators, Kitchen Appliances, Air Conditioner, musical instruments and Generators are essential tools that are used in our offices, homes, schools and public places. Most of them serve the need of reducing man’s stress or making his work faster and more efficient.

    Because of the high need and usage of these instruments, it is very common to find people asking their friends and relations the right place to buy these goods at cheaper rates while not being shortchanged in term of buying fake instead of original products. The frustration in getting answers to this is heightened when one picks up his or her phone and makes searches like: “Electronics Market in Anambra “, “where can I buy plasma television in Anambra?”, “Original and cheap refrigerators in Onitsha” and so on without finding appropriate answers. This is exactly the reason

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    When one sees the beauty of a well-crafted kitchen cabinet, the glory of a wine storage or library, works of art that are wonderfully crafted, there arises this feeling of excitement, admiration and likeness. But, these things do not come out of nothing, most are created from the raw material PLYWOOD. This plywood is in different shapes and sizes. How does one get this plywood in Anambra and its environs?


    The plywood International Market Ogbunike may not be a household name when markets in Anambra are mentioned, but a visit to this market will leave assurances in the mind of the customer that it is the place to go for all plywood materials.

    The market is organized, well situated and accessible. It has a proximity to the big markets in Anambra: Onitsha main market, Building Materials Ogidi and several other markets. This means for a customer that he or she can get goods from other markets as well a

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    A vendor is one who sells goods and or services. When we say vendors here, we mean business men and women who are registered on the platform.

    Any businessman or woman who leaves his house in the morning to his or her shop did not go there to play except such person is not serious or has no goods to sell. Hence the major aim of the vendor is to sell his goods and make profits. While many of shop owners in the market may be content with patronization of customers from their immediate locality, experience has shown that the beauty of a business lies in the number of customers or customer base of such business. Because of this, social media became a place where goods and services are displayed for interested people to see. But there is a limitation to this, while there can be people who may indicate interest in buying the goods, the reach of the platform may be limited.

    For instance, if as a businessman you post your goods on WhatsApp where you have 500 con

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    This question is a very important one as it will help customers understand why they have to use the platform provided by Martlines. was formed to solve the problem of buying and selling in our communities and our local markets. We have seen the rise of online shopping platforms and the danger of monotony that it brings with it. On the other hand, our physical markets are too congested with so many middle men and women and fake and or substandard products.

    In most cases, offline shoppers do not know where to look in order to buy products that they need. For instance, the Onitsha main market is a very big market where different kinds of goods are sold and services rendered. What some persons do is that they enter a bus and stop at the last bus stop in bright bus stop for instance. Then they will start asking vendors or passersby where they can find the products they want to buy. This can be tiring and stressful in most cases and there are numerous experienc

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  9. Onitsha Market Settings

    Almost the whole of Onitsha is filled with markets, the metropolis and parts of adjoining towns of Ogbaru, Obosi, Ogidi, Ogbunike and Nkwelle Ezunaka.

    There is hardly any part of these towns where business activities (buying and selling) is not going on. There are over 40 markets of various sizes spread in this metropolis, majority of which are classified for particular goods.

    Onitsha Main Market, the root and biggest of all markets in Onitsha, is known mainly for clothing and other wears with a mix of household items, baby items and so on.


    Onitsha Main Market is arranged in sections based on the products mainly sold in the lines. Some of the Lines include:

    Bright Street, Senator Anah Line, Young Shall Grow Plaza, Lagos Line etc: Clothes, Jewelry, Shoes and Other Accessories.

    Kano Street, Okwei Street: Cosmetics, Make Ups, Perfumes, Hairs and its accessories.

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  10. Phone Business in Anambra State


    In this era of technological advancement, our phones have become wonderful tools in our continual search for comfort and meaning in our everyday lives. It serves educational, social and psychological/emotional purposes. Phones have become inherent part of a larger population of man so much that it is cared for, meticulously guarded and valued. Because of all these, we take special consideration with regard to the type of phone we use. Such things as the Manufacturer, the Specifications (RAM, ROM, battery, Camera Quality, Version and so on). Having considered this, we may make up our mind on the particular phone we need and the next point of call becomes where we can buy the phone ( Offline or Online)?

    MARTLINES.NG provides the answers to these questions and more. Nature of Anambra Phone users As has been stated above, there are so many reasons and usages of phones. Most businessm

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