The first Niger Bridge even in its old age is still a beauty to behold as it serves as the gateway to the eastern Nigeria. As one enters Anambra from Asaba right on the bridge, one can see different sceneries, Onitsha industrial harbor to the left, the industrial park to the right the beautiful Niger River on both sides and heavily built up areas. Just before the SABMiller company (producers of Hero brand) is an edifice which some years ago was not there, over 3000 shops meticulously built and fenced. This is the ABADA INTERNATIONAL MARKET ONITSHA.

To be sure, Abada (Ankara etc.) are sold in virtually all parts of Anambra state, and in almost all markets in Awka, Onitsha and Nnewi, but the main market where it is sold is the Abada International Market Onitsha. In this market, the only commodity for sale is Abada. Most retailers in Anambra, Delta and beyond buy from vendors from tis market.

The beauty of the market lies in its accessibility since it is very close to the Onitsha bridge and the serene nature of the market brought about by the location of the market far away from the noise and overpopulation of the likes of Ochanja and Onitsha Main Market.

Now, to make buying and selling from and in this market, Martlines.ng has provided a platform where vendors from the market have been registered and their physical shops verified and their contacts displayed for easy access. Is this not a beautiful? What this means is that from the comfort of your home, you can effortlessly contact vendors from the market, make choices of clothing materials to buy and can either visit the market physically to buy or order for them online. In doing this, we have eliminated the role of middle men (oso afia) and made buying and selling easier. This is a win-win for both the vendors and the buyer. While the buyer gets customer satisfaction, the vendors get their own satisfaction drawn from the ease of connection between them and their customers.