Electronics and Electrical appliances are do with-outs in our daily loves. Such tools as: Home Theatres and Audio Systems, Television sets, Refrigerators, Kitchen Appliances, Air Conditioner, musical instruments and Generators are essential tools that are used in our offices, homes, schools and public places. Most of them serve the need of reducing man’s stress or making his work faster and more efficient.

Because of the high need and usage of these instruments, it is very common to find people asking their friends and relations the right place to buy these goods at cheaper rates while not being shortchanged in term of buying fake instead of original products. The frustration in getting answers to this is heightened when one picks up his or her phone and makes searches like: “Electronics Market in Anambra “, “where can I buy plasma television in Anambra?”, “Original and cheap refrigerators in Onitsha” and so on without finding appropriate answers. This is exactly the reason why this review is for YOU!

The situation of most markets in Anambra state is very strategic. Like the Abada International Market Onitsha, the Electromart Bridgehead Onitsha is nicely situated to the left as one navigates towards the First Niger Bridge. It is directly opposite the factory complex of Premier Breweries. The market has nice environment with the stalls carefully arranges in order to give the market an air of organization and peace. Because of the position of the market, it is when compared to other markets, relatively without the pollution of refuse and noise that is the bane of other markets.

The accessible nature of the market means that goods and people can be moved in and out of the market effortlessly while it can as well serve both the south-south and south east geopolitical zones. Therefore, whenever you want to buy any electronical equipment, this market is a go to place! And because we care about your life and the need for you to have a stress free, dependable and smile-full shopping, the Martlines platform makes your shopping experience unique. How? You can reach the vendors in the market directly from the comfort of your homes before coming to the market or using the waybill option.

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