A vendor is one who sells goods and or services. When we say vendors here, we mean business men and women who are registered on the platform.

Any businessman or woman who leaves his house in the morning to his or her shop did not go there to play except such person is not serious or has no goods to sell. Hence the major aim of the vendor is to sell his goods and make profits. While many of shop owners in the market may be content with patronization of customers from their immediate locality, experience has shown that the beauty of a business lies in the number of customers or customer base of such business. Because of this, social media became a place where goods and services are displayed for interested people to see. But there is a limitation to this, while there can be people who may indicate interest in buying the goods, the reach of the platform may be limited.

For instance, if as a businessman you post your goods on WhatsApp where you have 500 contacts on WhatsApp, it is only some from the 500 who view the status that can see your products. now, imagine how it will be if there are no limits to the number of persons that can see you and your products, where the reach is endless! This is what platform is all about.

The platform gives each vendor a unique online shop where his goods and services can be displayed and manages same for the vendor without him or her opening a website. The vendor can send the link to his online shop to friends and customers alike and can promote the online and offline shop on any platform. Again, the thousands of customers who search for products online will be able to see the online shop, make contact and buys products either through physical contact or through other means. Anyone who contacted you having seen your online shop and buys goods from you has been added to your customer base and such person will not stop at buying, but will also become a vanguard for your business since he or she will always direct potential customers to you.

Therefore, are you a vendor in any of our physical markets? Have you registered on our platform? Are you still waiting for some sort of confirmation from others before believing? Do log in to Create Account and register to become a vendor, our field agents will contact and visit you for physical verification of your shop and goods or WhatsApp us on 09021599009, Free! If you have a physical verifiable shop address, Send "Verify Me" to 08039149162 for your shop verification/registration and fiaaam you will start enjoying the benefits of the family.

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