This question is a very important one as it will help customers understand why they have to use the platform provided by Martlines. was formed to solve the problem of buying and selling in our communities and our local markets. We have seen the rise of online shopping platforms and the danger of monotony that it brings with it. On the other hand, our physical markets are too congested with so many middle men and women and fake and or substandard products.

In most cases, offline shoppers do not know where to look in order to buy products that they need. For instance, the Onitsha main market is a very big market where different kinds of goods are sold and services rendered. What some persons do is that they enter a bus and stop at the last bus stop in bright bus stop for instance. Then they will start asking vendors or passersby where they can find the products they want to buy. This can be tiring and stressful in most cases and there are numerous experiences like this.

But with, the solution to this problem came. As a customer who wants to buy a phone for instance at Onitsha, I just have to pick up my phone from the comfort of my home, enter the address and navigate to Onitsha Main Market from the drop down enter Emeka Offor plaza where I can see different vendors and the products they’re selling.

On the other hand, and quite easily, I will just have to use the search feature at the site and search for markets or products that I want. This will lead me to the page where I will find the products and the vendors who sell them. I can then reach the vendors through calls or WhatsApp. If there is need for me to check another vendor (maybe to be sure of the price), I can do this comfortably before going to the market.

Now, if I am going to the market to get the goods, I am not just going to start walking round the market or to ask people where I can get the products, rather, I will need to go straight to the vendor (s), get my goods and smile home. I can as well decide to speak with the vendor on the possibility of home delivery if I so desire.

From this, it is glaring that the platform provides the ultimate answers to the questions of the customer: where can I get this product? Am I sure that I am getting original products? and so on.

Feel free to check our platform and give us your feedback.