Anambra as a state has lots of Markets and this goes to strengthen the belief that an average Anambra man has business running in his blood! With Anambra having her fair share of good governance over the years, infrastructures are scattered all over the place and some of the markets are located very close to these. This is especially true of New Auto Spare Parts Market Nkpor.

As one makes his/her way from Onitsha towards Awka or from Awka towards Onitsha through the Enugu-Onitsha Expressway the New Auto Spare Parts Market is announced by the gigantic Nkpor flyover bridge. Hence, the location of the Market is not confusing nor hard to find. Again, the market can be accessed from the old Enugu-Onitsha Express road through Nkpor Junction. The ease of accessibility and the wonderful situation of the market means that movement of people and products to and from the market is guaranteed.

An important detail about this market is that it differs from the Mgbuka Obosi Market exactly because of the products sold: while old spare parts (What some prefer to call Belgium parts) are sold in Mgbuka Obosi Market, brand new spare parts are sold in Nkpor auto spare parts Market.

The products that are sold in this market ranges from small car parts to bid truck parts. The commitment of our platform towards making life better for our verified vendors and customers was the driving force in our bringing major dealers in this market on our platform, and our #shopeasy advocacy is to simplify buying and selling for the vendors and customers alike!

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