When one sees the beauty of a well-crafted kitchen cabinet, the glory of a wine storage or library, works of art that are wonderfully crafted, there arises this feeling of excitement, admiration and likeness. But, these things do not come out of nothing, most are created from the raw material PLYWOOD. This plywood is in different shapes and sizes. How does one get this plywood in Anambra and its environs?


The plywood International Market Ogbunike may not be a household name when markets in Anambra are mentioned, but a visit to this market will leave assurances in the mind of the customer that it is the place to go for all plywood materials.

The market is organized, well situated and accessible. It has a proximity to the big markets in Anambra: Onitsha main market, Building Materials Ogidi and several other markets. This means for a customer that he or she can get goods from other markets as well as buy from this market without worrying of distance and time.

The beauty of shopping from this market lies in the varieties of goods sold. Local and imported materials are found in their quantities. Some of these products include: hdf board, Marino, Mdf Glossy and Skain door.

I bet that the expositions already made here has given you a glimpse of how and what of the Market. Thankfully, the Nigerian no 1 offline shopping aid, has made it easy, comfortable and stress free for you to locate and interact with the major dealers in the market directly from the comfort of your home and office.

Visit Plywood International Market Ogbunike to view the products and connect with the vendors