Phone Business in Anambra State

In this era of technological advancement, our phones have become wonderful tools in our continual search for comfort and meaning in our everyday lives. It serves educational, social and psychological/emotional purposes. Phones have become inherent part of a larger population of man so much that it is cared for, meticulously guarded and valued. Because of all these, we take special consideration with regard to the type of phone we use. Such things as the Manufacturer, the Specifications (RAM, ROM, battery, Camera Quality, Version and so on). Having considered this, we may make up our mind on the particular phone we need and the next point of call becomes where we can buy the phone ( Offline or Online)?

MARTLINES.NG provides the answers to these questions and more. Nature of Anambra Phone users As has been stated above, there are so many reasons and usages of phones. Most businessmen and women prefer handy phones. Most considerations are the battery capacity and the speaker volumes. This is exactly why the …… which can charge other phones and whose speaker volume allows for making calls without much interference even in a very noisy market. Again, the businessmen and women have upgraded to buying android phones which allows them the use of the camera and social networking features like WhatsApp and messenger for display and sales of their products and services. For students, youths, government and private employees, phones are majorly for communication, fun and prestige. Hence, they go for very costly phones like iPhone and latest android or windows phones. Most person sin this category see no reason for them to use a particular phone more than on year or two years. They follow the trend and =adjust with the trend.

ONLINE OR OFFLINE Most people have had the experience of ordering products online and getting something different when the product is delivered. The blame that comes with the feeling of, “had I gone to the market myself, I would have made a better choice” sets in and instead of the customer being satisfied with the product, he or she becomes dissatisfied. when you desire to buy a car, you should get one and not a toy car. This is why we need to shop offline, Average Anambrana want to have a firsthand experience of the products before bushes. foundings show that the crowd and unorganizad nature of the market disencourage customer from buying offline. This is were we come in, with martlines.n you can research the market (products from physical verified stores) before coming to buy from it.

PHONE MARKERTS AND VENDORS IN ANAMBRA Deciding where to buy the phone brings us to the nature of the markets in Anambra State. Phones are sold at the roadside, in different markets and streets in Anambra. But, we have the major dealers in: Emeka Offor Plaza in Onitsha Main Market, Eke Awka and Nnewi Markets. In all these, EMEKA OFFOR PLAZA is the go-to place. Virtually, all aspects of phone buying and selling, accessories, repair and maintenance are done in this market. Here, Major dealers of Infinix, Tecno, Itel and other brands are found. The capacity of this market is such that the whole south east and south-south vendors buy from these major dealers. These dealers include Iknobert concepts. You can imagine the numerous benefits that awaits you as an investor if you wish to tap from the potentials of this market, or as a customer – buying from renowned dealers directly. Thankfully, the cost of phones in this market is quite competitive and this makes buying and selling whether in bulk or retail a rewarding experience for both parties. Finally, the proximity of the Emeka Offor Plaza to main roads and even Asaba International Airport makes it easier for anyone who wish to buy or sell to move the goods without hitch.