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Martlines is an innovative online shopping platform crafted by Martlines Nigeria Corporation to digitalize the local market for easy and dependable offline shopping, thereby bridging the gap between every market in Nigeria and the fingertips of every Nigerian. Dive into a vibrant marketplace where buyers and sellers converge, simplifying sales and purchases with unparalleled ease and convenience. Join us today and unlock endless opportunities for seamless transactions and effortless shopping experiences.


Market lines you can access on the Martlines app are:

  • Onitsha Main Market, Alaba International Market Lagos,
  • Ariaria International Market Aba,
  • Ogbete Main Market Enugu,
  • Building Material Ogidi, Sabon Gari Market,
  • Wusa Market Abuja, Ochanja Market,
  • Emeka Offor Plaza, Electronics Market Bridge Head Onitsha,
  • Ogboefere Market, Plywood Market Ogbunike,
  • Garrison by Ogbunabali, Iloabuchi market,
  • Okija Electricals market, First Artillery,
  • MTN by Oil-Mill E.t.c

Despite the limited resources, we have kept growing and building our platform and brand. We have covered a large majority of Port Harcourt markets, including verifying and registering about 500 vendors in 4 months. We have also, within seven months, covered a majority of Anambra Enugu Markets; with a primary focus on the significant market concentrated areas of Onitsha North, Onitsha South, and Idemili North, Nnewi, Enugu, we have verified and registered over 1700 paid vendors and another 7403 verified prospective vendors you are yet to pay subscription fees.

We have concluded plans for and started making inroads into the Abia, Imo, Abuja, Ibadan, and Lagos markets. We have also identified contacts in the core North for potential partnerships in expanding inroad into major markets in Northern Nigeria, with Kano and Kaduna as the major targets.

We are confident that Martlines.ng has developed a repeatable, cost-effective, and sustainable strategy for expanding into one million physically verifiable merchants throughout Nigeria once given the necessary financial support to improve on the Online Platform/Database, Logistics, Human Resources, Advertisement, and general service commitment and values to the subscribing vendors.

We have tested our brand and capacity with dealers from three commercial cities in Nigeria. We have taken lots of learning and understanding of many variables that could convince a typical Nigerian vendor of various education levels to subscribe to electronic commerce. As expected of every startup, we now have a clear template for success and hope to build on our current capacity. The good news is that the enrolled and paying vendors who enjoy our services are the successful and enlightened market leaders. They, therefore, double as brand ambassadors for us in their various markets, especially for the new business owners who look up to them.

We have active field agents under our direct and indirect employment in Onitsha, Awka, Nnewi, Enugu, and Port Harcourt who verify and register new vendors. We conclude the initial candidate selection processes for potential agents in Enugu, Asaba, Owerri, and Nnewi who have yet to be activated. Therefore, we are in an excellent position to promote new products in the field and on the martline online platforms.

About the founder:

As the proud founder of Martline, I hail from Nigeria and have a deep-rooted passion for revolutionizing local markets through digitalization. My journey with Martlines began in Port Harcourt in 2020, fueled by a burning desire to bridge the gap between traditional commerce and modern technology. I am driven by the belief that digitalizing local markets is not just about convenience but empowering buyers and vendors to thrive in a dynamic marketplace. My passion lies in seeing our local markets embrace and flourish with cutting-edge technology while preserving and promoting the rich heritage of systems like the Igbo apprenticeship. Join me in this mission to support local businesses, embrace technology, and cultivate sustainable economic growth. Let's shop locally and empower our communities together!

What can I do with Martline?

Shop from the comfort of your home at markets across the nation.

Expand your customer base by opening a shop on Martlines.

As a buyer, you cannot only shop with Martlines, you can also advertise your business using the Martlines free app.

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Martlines, created by Martlines Nigeria Corporation, boosts the Nigerian economy by digitizing traditional marketplaces, empowering local markets, and driving economic growth and sustainability. Explore our thriving marketplace for seamless transactions and effortless shopping experiences!